A name … a fate: It was 1925, when Mr. Serafino Zoppini patented the first modern jewelery closures and assembly systems … ; nowadays, the Zoppini Studio in Milan, specialized in sports and leisure architecture, canoast of the projects for the three following Olympic Games: Turin 2006, Vancouver 2010 and London 2012; … and still today, the great visionary architect, Mr. Jean Philippe Zoppini, has been working on out-and-out dream floating towns, pluri-starred hotels and houses of “one thousand and one nights”. Beyond the suspicious common origins, even intuition and creativity belong to the Zoppini family, that is contributing on his own way to give this name a new great promise. Especially when it’s two different but completing brothers under the name of Zoppini working for the same purpose, the result cannot be but unique! … and the story goes on: The brothers Marco and Sandro Zoppini were working for a well-known watch Company, when, at the end of the 80s, they decided to invest contemporarily in the running of a jewelery shop in the centre of Florence. From the 90s Marco’s son, Mauro, took over the shop; while the younger brother, Manuel, was still studying as a goldsmith and at the same time training in a workshop. Since the beginning an intense and devoted story is traced in the name of their winning “genetic philosophy” and the marked entrepreneurial spirit of the two young sons.From thought to action: in April 1997 Mauro founded Ditta Individuale Mauro Zoppini. The first success was due to the “Feeling” collection, represented by the charm bracelet in s. steel and gold; by far the best-seller among the many Zoppini–branded products. “Feeling” is also the logo of the same collection, whose acronym recalls the same founding elements that have contributed to this story: Freedom, Energy, Emotion, Love, Imagination, New Goals.In the meantime, the Company changes its name in Mercanzia Preziosa Firenze, until 1999, when it eventually turns into Zoppini s.r.l. thus totally identifying with its historical bran. Mauro Zoppini becomes the President and Executive Sales Manager of the Company; while Manuel Zoppini is the Vice President and Product Manager.The continuous growth has first been allowed by two brands, Zoppini, that has consequently developed a wide range of elegant contemporary jewels, and Zable, more casual and ironic. From Zoppini s.r.l. to the MPF Group s.r.l. (Mercanzia Preziosa Firenze). In 2004: the introduction of the Makuti brand is due to him, presenting a new sophisticated and original high quality jewelery. To complete the brands Portfolio, the new MPF Group re-launches also one of the previous creation: the brand Manuel.Zed, now so dedicated to groovy and determined young people. This new organization also wants to correspond to the new commercial Company philosophy: growing and distributing the 4 brands worldwide, in order to consolidate the position of the Group in the jewelery field.In October 2008 the MPF Group s.r.l. becomes MPF Group S.p.A.